Support your local Mind!

   Mind in West Cumbria needs your support; we are a seperate charity to national Mind in London, therefore we rely on          grants and the generosity of the public in Allerdale and Copeland to be able to continue supporting those in need. 


   So... how can you help? 

  There are many ways in which you can help support the work we do; 

       Donate- You can donate via our BT mydonate page.  




   Make a donation via cheque and make payable to 'Mind in West Cumbria' and post it, or bring it to us in person at our            office. 

       Fundraise for us- Plan an event and get people to sponsor you via

       our Justgiving page. 




  Throughout West Cumbria, many local businesses support us by having a collection tin at their till/ counter.

   If you would like to display one of our collection tins please call the office on 01900 66518, they can be delivered by a           member of our staff, or, alternatively, they can be collected from our central office.


  Volunteer with us- We are a small part time team therefore we rely on volunteers to work with us in all                              aspects of our services.


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