Sources of Support


Birchall Trust- The Birchall Trust provide a free confidential counselling service for male and females, children, young people and adult survivors of recent or historic rape and sexual abuse. The services is also available for partners, relatives and friends who want to talk about the effects of rape and sexual abuse in order to support their loved one.

CAMHS - Tier 3 CAMHS is a service for children, young people and families with significant, severe, complex or persistent emotional, mental health, psychological and/or relationship difficulties.

CARLISLE AND EDEN MIND - Support children and young people experiencing a range of mental health issues through one to one work, youth advocacy, helpline and training.

CROFTLANDS TRUST (Richmond Fellowship) - Providing a range of services for adults with mental health issues, complex needs, substance misuse and age related difficulties.

HOPELINE UK - Provides a telephone service to support anyone concerned that a young person they know may be at risk of suicide.

KOOTH - is an online counselling and emotional well-being service for children and young people, available free at the point of access.  Chat and forums - It's safe and anonymous.

QWELL - is an online counselling and emotional well-being service for adults, available free at the point of access.  Safe, confidential and anonymous.

MYTIME - MyTime is the Tier 2 CAMHS Service and offers support for children and young people experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues by providing early targeted interventions.  The service also provides advice and support to parents, carers, school staff and others working in children's services across the county -

PAC THERAPY SERVICES - One to one counselling and art therapy sessions to young people who display emotional interpersonal and or mental health problems (e.g. anxious, low self-esteem, displays of anger, self-harming or poor attendance).

PAPYRUS UK - Charity for the prevention of young suicide - hopefully they can provide support for parents in dealing with the young person's self harming and suicidal behaviour and ways.

SAFA - SAFA Is committed to making a positive difference to the lives of individuals aged 13+ who self-harm and to those who support them.  Our primary goal is to empower the individual to take responsibility for their own lives by offering counselling and trusting support.  Also we seek to eliminate the stigma and discrimination associated with self-harm by creating greater awareness through training and education.

SAFETY NET - Works with children, young people and families who have experience of rape, sexual abuse or domestic violence.

THE SENHOUSE CENTRE - They provide a Healthy Living Centre which brings together a range of activities and initiatives aimed at improving the health and quality of life of the local community.  This centre also hosts other organisations: Cruise, Safety Net etc..

CUMBRIA BEREAVEMENT UK - Offer bereavement support across Cumbria, to children, young people and families.  Cumbria Bereavement UK have also created a comprehensive network of information regarding the availability of bereavement support across Cumbria, following the death of a child or adult.

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